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Here we are attempting to assist African nations in their economic and cultural integration in to growing world of the 21st century, while at the sametime further assisting Africans the independent qualities which is contained within their individual societies.  This is first developed by the Inter - Cities Cultural Communcations programs which are present within the America, Europe, and Asia, along with the supporting sites. Of couse with the linkages to Ithaca, New York .
What you can do to contribute to this effort.
One send us an email with intent to suggest, or even authored information [ which will be confirmed ] to on the selected cities listed on this home page.
Similar to this is that we need link exchanges too!
Once this site and others are privatized; this sites hosting is now free. advertising will be additionally needed. 
This effort is likewise based on the additional information we will recieve by the suggestions we are able to obtain.  Additional research is likewise being developed.  Most of the contents on this and other sites we have produced, comes from sources which can be linked within the Internet; this is deliberate.  Additional information and sources comes from the various academia libraries of the Academic enriched community of Ithaca, New York.
The sites represented on this directory are likewise new, and the process used and methods of their complilation is to easy its insertion into the Internet to obtain the wider expouse and page rankings within the Internet.
Mr. Roger M. Christian
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Key Selected African Cities:
And the future they have the potential to bring to Africa!

Cairo is an Ancient City of Contrasts.

Lagos Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC  Its the potential of the oil wealth of Nigeria which places this city on this list.  Once it has resolved the social, cultural and political stablization efforts now under way, then these investments could make this city another, yet very African styled Los Angeles - Dallas Texas of Africa!

Niarobi Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC . Nairobi, Kenya is very important - in as much as it will be the first authentic African nation to successful integrate, while not lossing its cultural and national character.  Thus this city stands as a role model in which others can follow.

This is an initiative to assist the Uganda community in which Thanksgiving coffee's sales economically supports.

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